Little Waltham Drama Group


Its Saturday , we've played the part
We've warmed the audience's heart
Tomorrow comes we strike the set
Come Monday it's all gone I'll bet.
Rehearsals started months ago
I didn't know my lines - I know!
Yet two were well ahead of all
They came and practised in this hall
Whist others simply stood to stare
They knew their lines -the plot Laid bare!
Time was spent with video
"Should I come, should I go?"
They perfected every scene
When to be quiet, and when mean,
When to be loving and when upset
Harder workers we could not get!
The time moved on , the Set was built
(I was overcome with guilt
When not turning up the very first day
It's was Pete's birthday party that got in the way!)
Props were gathered from near and far
Brought in by van and some by car
`Til gathered together in one place
They became `Thornfield '- Rochester's base.
Many stepped in with jobs to do
They all make up the Backstage crew
The girls who wandered out in front
They asked when leaving, for tips - quite blunt!
Dressers out back with a concentrated frown
Were very good at taking Casts' clothes right down
(Some were quicker than others!)
Lights, video and, of course, Sound
Were cool, calm, collected whilst manic all round.
Now - last of all Penny , the girl with the sight
Who knew Little Waltham could get this done right,
She pushed for this play and did a good job
(It's such a shame her husband's a yob!)
I know I shall now get dreadfully bored
Waiting to see if we'll win an award.

Well done to all who played their part!
Does anyone know when the Panto will start?