1. 4 knee bends, using swinging parallel arms.

2. 3 toe taps using right foot first; front, side, back, together. 3. Repeat to left.

4. *4 shuffle steps using right foot first.

5. 8 pick-up steps going back. Arms outstretched to front, palms front. 6. 3 tap springs starting with right foot and a clap, 3 tap springs starting with left foot and a clap.

7. 8 tap springs going round.

8. Tap step heel starting with right foot and going right diagonal 3 times, shuffle ball change.

9. Repeat to left diagonal, opposition arms.

Repeat whole sequence from shuffle steps.


---------------------------------------------2. TEA FOR TWO



1. 3 buffalos to the right (tap spring shuffle drop) 1 cramp roll. 2. Repeat to left.

3. 4 stomps starting with right foot (wait and rise on count of 1) to right and left diagonals alternatively.

4. 7 tap springs turning, stamp, stamp.



---------------------------------------------3. I GOT RHYTHM (PART ONE).,


1. Cramp roll, slap thigh with right hand, then left then click fingers with right hand then left hand.

2. Scissor step (tap steps crossing over) to right side tap left foot, arms high opposition. Count: and 1 and 2 and 3 and tap 4. 3. Repeat to left side.

4. Flap right foot, clap, right diagonal, flap left foot, clap, left diagonal, flap

right foot, clap, right diagonal, shuffle ball change, left diagonal.

5. Step pick-up heels going back, (6 or 8). Arms bought up bent at elbows

then outstretched to front. Tabs come down.





1. Stamp, stamp starting with right foot, shuffle ball change, repeat.

2. Brush hop forwards, brush hop backwards, with right foot, tap step ball change to left side, repeat using left foot to back, repeat using right foot to right side, repeat using left foot to front.

3. Stamp, stamp, starting with right foot, pull back, repeat. Arms front outstretched.

4. *Tap spring, clap, starting with right foot, tap spring, clap, 3 tap springs, clap, clap.

5. 4 train steps. 1 st crossing over right, using left foot first.

6. Repeat tap spring, clap,* starting with left foot.

7. Repeat 4 train steps. Crossing over left, using right foot first. 7 tap springs and stamp.







Back line, step, step, feet out feet cross, turn, hat off.

2"d line repeat, then Geoffrey. Step to the left dig step to the right dig step to the left turning on the diagonal, hats to chest, and wait.

1. Fred Astaire- 3 toe taps to right diagonal front, holding hat to chest,

elbows out to the side.

2. Box step count of 4, bring hat on to head.

3. 3 tap springs, starting with right foot, pat top of hat with right hand, left hand on waist.

4. Shuffle hop step with left foot, shuffle hop step with right foot, arms brought down by sides.

5. 4 shuffle ball changes, using left foot, turning first to right side, hands stay by sides, 2nd to back, hands go to hat 3rd to left side hands lift hat up 4t" to front hat stays up.

6. 6 tap springs to form 2 lines (back line comes forward to front.

7. Box step x 6, count 1,2 3,4 5,6 7,8 9,10,11,12.

8. Sway to right sway to left sway to right step together left. 9. 3 toe taps behind with right foot, 2 train steps.

10. Stamp with right foot, stamp with left foot, 3 pick ups going back, pick

up ball change.



11. Forward cramp roll with right foot, stamp right foot, stamp left foot, 6 pick ups going slightly back.

12. Shuffle hop step across , tap step ball change travelling slightly to the left side, repeat.

13. Wait whilst "/Z do their 8 pick ups to form a diagonal line, then we do ours.

14. Wait whilst % do their 2 pick up step, stamp, stamps. We do ours then

all together do 8 tap springs round in a circle.

15.12 step heels going round to the other side of the stage, arms high

then low.

16. Spring onto right foot 2 shuffles with left foot and spring onto left foot. Count; 1 &2&3,4. repeat. Spring onto right foot, then 5 shuffles with the left foot, ball change stamp. Count; 1 &2&3&4&5&6&7,8. (rift in music)

17.3 tap springs, stamp, stamp. Wait for other half. Then repeat. Wait for other half.

18.8 tap step drops to form a line in centre.

19.8 tap step drops to form 2 lines.

20. Step to left and feet together bringing hats up and down. Count; 1,2

hats up 3,4 hats down 5,6 hats up 7,8 hats down.

21. Starting with left foot, tap step ball change 3 times, stamp with right


22. Starting with right foot, scuff push out, heel beat with left foot, pick up

right foot, pick up left foot_ Count;. 1,2, and 3 and 4. Repeat.

23. Stamp pick up toe heel, stamp pick up toe heel, stamp, move foot left

and right to count of 7.

24. With hat in right hand , step/lunge forward, then step together to face the back then step round to front.

25.3 toe taps behind with right foot, then behind side step.

26.7 tap springs to form a line and stamp facing the side. 27. At each count the line takes off their hats.

28. Put hat back on head and take it off then put it back on again. 29. For 4 counts move into a line and link arms at back.

30. Step with right leg and kick left leg for 8. Rolling and turning head on


31. Rugby scrum to finish!!!!!



1. Hats, sticks, sticks, hats. Step feet together hats on head sticks under arm.

2. Tap step heel, tap step heel, stamp, stamp, brush hop step dig, step dig, step dig.

3. 5 step brush hop steps, going round in a circle to the left into chosen

position. Sticks held across body right hand up. 1

4. Behind side step, behind side step, drop shuffle step x3, wait behind

side step. Stick held out in front parallel to body.

5. Stick under arm, touch hat with right hand, tap heel dig, tap heel dig,

tap heel ball down toe tap right foot. Repeat to right.

6. Drop toe tap, drop toe tap, drop toe tap,tap. Step to right , flick left foot

out and then across right foot and turn to face the front.

7. Grasp stick with right hand, lift stick over and tap right diagonal back.

Lift stick over and tap left diagonal back.

8. Sway right, left, right, stick down on 4.

9. Walk round stick x 4 to the right, change hands and walk round x 4 to the left.

10. Drop shuffle drop x 3. kick stick with right foot over and tap to the back,

then take stick in both hands, parallel to body.

11. Lean back with left foot then lean back with right foot.

12. Lift stick over head, right foot comes up and then lunge over to left . 13. Stand up with stick tucked under right arm.

14. Step brush hop, step brush hop, step brush hop, step brush hop tap step heel, tap step heel, ball change.

15. Step brush hop, step brush hop, step brush hop, step brush hop, 4 walks to bring you into a circle around Pete.

16. Circle around Pete for 16 counts putting hats down low at the front and high at the back. Sticks crossed over around Pete.

17. Move out of circle into 3 lines, tap step heel, tap step heel, tap step heel, ball change, place stick to side hand on hat, reverse to other side, lift hat. Repeat.

18. Tap step heel to the count of 8, to bring us into positions. 19. Hold sticks out in front and sway, toe heel for 6 counts. 20. Hold position and then pose on last beat.