Death at the Granby Arms - Reflections from Karen Wray

Before my already wobbly memory lets me down completely, I wanted to reflect on the highlights of the murder, mystery production of Death at Granby Arms.
This production started out, two years ago, as a fund-raising event for a local charity but never came off as the charity changed their mind about the event. The intention then had been for a group of members to present the evening using scripts and hopefully raise a bit of money in the process. The charity were going to do all the rest of the work.
What transpired was something quite different when the event turned into the group’s summer production. I had the pleasure of working with a great group of six members who were a joy to be with. We worked hard, supporting each other through the rehearsal process and had a laugh together (some of us more than others - not naming any names – Julie and Ken!). Brian brought us two of the funniest moments when standing in for Julie at rehearsal one evening – a very convincing and hysterical performance. He also managed his best stage exit when we were practicing getting him off the stage in the dark at the end of Act I. I was satisfied that he wouldn’t be seen at all, only to discover that he actually wasn’t, being comfortably enscounced in the committee room at the crucial moment!
The production wouldn’t have occurred at all without the support of many group members so my special thanks go to:
Mags Simmonds and Sue Walker for organising the catering
Glyn Jones for managing the bar and Maddie Shaw, Jackie Crane, John and Viv Abrey for helping him.
Linda Burrows for running the box office.
Eileen Metson for running front of house.
Chris Little for organising the light and sound.
Ian Thorpe for organising the printing
Mike Lee for designing, painting and dressing the set, supported by Julie Cole, Kathy Jiggins, Chris Little, Jenni Money, Andy Walker and Tony White
Richard Thomas for resolving all sorts of hall arrangements at short notice, usually following a manic phone call from me!
Tony White for stage management
Sable Corrie for prompting
Andy Walker for poster, ticket and programme design
Marea Irving, Bill Murphy, Kathy Jiggins and Glyn Jones for lending furniture and set decorations.
All in all, Death at the Granby, has been a thoroughly enjoyable production but I’m now looking forward to a nice rest, no doubt like the cast and crew. I am very lucky to have received a gift from the cast at the end of production, which I don’t really feel that I deserve as a enjoyed myself so much (but I’m not giving it back!!) I am not sure that they know me really well though as they bought me six bottles of red wine! I’m sure you will agree that they’ve got the wrong idea about me. Has someone been talking?