I have just today found the LWDG Web site. Didn't know we had one.  Very Impressive. Read your plea for any little stories and thought you might like these photos of us at Viv's on our Tuesday evening extra rehearsals.


There is even a photo of one of Viv's famous cakes, she baked a different one each week for us and I am positive they kept us going! Maybe there was a secret ingredient.

We did let John have a slice too. Though after he had his cake he was banned to the other room.  Much to his relief I expect. 


Must tell you that one week, Viv had been too busy to bake and so John was enlisted to do the honours he had a stab at a Victoria Sponge for us as Viv didn't want the routine to be put out.  I must say he did a very good job of it even though it was absolutely smothered in icing sugar and a bit lop sided, it tasted delicious.


Our rehearsals at Viv's were very impromptu, we started off by just reading the play over and over, then discussing the characters and then accents, costumes etc and then we just picked out bits we were feeling bothered with and worked hard trying to improve them.  I guess we spent a couple of hours every week and we had a lot of laughs and I might say a lot of concerns too but these meetings were so valuable and I have never worked with such a dedicated cast.

We treated Viv to a new 'Pinny' which she just loved.

see you soon  Vicki R