Sleeping Beauty - An Ode


I’m warning you now – there’s plenty gone on

The spotlight won’t shine on everyone!

Time has run short for the writing of prose

I’m afraid it won’t mention all involved in the shows.

So if I forget please don’t take offence

I don’t want to make anyone feel tense

I just haven’t had time to sit down and type

I’m writing this late on Friday night!

(and early Saturday morning – as it goes!)


It’s 2009 and this years show

At first with audiences were on a ‘go slow’!

It took a while – in fact 3rd show in

For us to look out and see them grin!

Then full thrust ahead – with ad libs abounding

Some better than others – others astounding!

(Which scene are we in?)


There were other little slips that need a mention

Wrong sounds or lights raised levels of tension

UV lights that didn’t appear

And Bad Fairy no thunder at all I fear!

But that’s AmDram – all part of the fun

Well done still goes out to everyone!


The start of some songs were tricky to get

That ‘Together...’ would happen with echo effect

That Sweet Sixteen would catch us out

And the start of that Queen song would start with a shout!



Now was that the cast – who were being a bit slow?

Or was it down to the pianist – I really don’t know!

Normally reliable and steady as a rock

This year his rhythm has at times run amok!

(But we don’t know why! Oh no we don’t! )


The band need congratulating – guitar and percussion

But at times I did feel as if I had a concussion!

(Sound waves I think!)


The stitching girls have, with needle and thread,

Done wonders - and the wigs on our heads

The girls with all their make up in tins

Do really well to hide a multitude of sins!

We’re not getting younger – I’m sorry if that’s a shock

(Oh did you know Julie’s 50? Gosh – shouldn’t mock!)

There‘s rumours abound that the next panto should

Be called perhaps “OAPs in the Wood!”

Or “Snow White - the Sequel” or “Alladin the Man”

Watch this space I’m sure there’ll be some kind of plan!


I’m sorry it’s short – and I don’t mean to offend

If I’ve missed you I still want to be your friend!

But we all pulled together – backstage and out front

Let’s not mince words – let’s be really blunt

We do it ‘cos we love it – it makes us all smile

It’s really hard work but it’s worth that extra mile

When our audiences leave – full of elation

That’s when I’m proud of our group’s creation.

That’s where it’s different out front and out back

We’ve had the applause - the pat on the back

Whether its buttons or lights or teas or flats

Or tickets or doors or props or hats

But you back stage crew really should know

They’re clapping for you – without you - no show!


Now Chrissie and Sue – your praises we tell

Let’s face it – didn’t they do well!

It was close to the line but it did come together

They were there rain or shine whatever the weather

We did doubt ourselves early on in the show

Was it funny – we just didn’t know!

But everyone picked up and pulled out their best

We were simply putting Chrissie and Sue to the test!


Well done to the new ones – whatever your part

You’re welcome to Waltham – a wonderful start!

Do come back and join us – don’t leave it there

“New members required – we need men with hair!”


So raise your glasses – it has to be said

It’s time to put ‘Sleeping Beauty’ to bed!