Cast List for ‘Who killed the Soap Star?’


Gilly Foreshore: Showbiz editor of ‘Star-spangled’ Magazine


Fred Kellet (who plays Solomon Wainwright) : At home in his trademark flat cap, Solomon is the only surviving character from Ravenscar’s first episode.

Rumour tells us however, that award-winning actor, Fred Kellet is about to leave the a very dramatic fashion!! 


Mary Makepeace (who plays Sandy Beeches) : Sandy is the landlady of Ravenscar’s pub the ‘Black Bull’. Actor Mary Makepeace is hoping to progress into more significant storylines in the near future.


Alan Battersby (Rupert Barrat-Holmes) : Ravenscar’s wealthy landowner Rupert Barrat-Holmes always takes a pride in his status and appearance...perhaps a little too much!


Hilda Kensington (Mildred Wilderbanks): Hilda plays Ravenscar’s local busybody Mildred to perfection!


Trixie Spangle (May Brocklesby) : The newest and youngest member of the cast, Trixie has brought a much needed touch of glamour to the show. Concerns are however that her acting ability doesn’t match the standard of her elaborate hair-styles.


Sebastian Warren (Chad Denver) : Everyone loves actor Sebastian (including Trixie according to showbiz gossip.) Ravenscar’s local handy-man oozes rugged charm!


Giles Stanton (Scriptwriter) : The over-sensitive writer of the North’s favourite soap!


Florence White (Director): Florence took over as director of ‘Ravenscar’ 5 years ago.

 Is it merely co-incidental that since her appointment there’s been a steady decline in audience ratings?


Carl/Carla Clementine (Stage-Properties Technician) : Shy Carl/Carla is ‘the Ravens’ favourite, hosting as he/she does, his/her daily online guide to the show.


Narrator: She introduces the cast and instructs the audience in terms of solving the mystery.


Inspector Westcott: From Her Majesty’s Metropolitan Police Force, Northern Division